EERC Resource Center

A Library of Rich Technical Resources

The EERC is a virtual library, stocked with rich technical resources designed to help engineers solve and understand challenges in the workplace.

Top Technical Resources

From white papers and case studies to guides and overviews, the EERC features top technical resources across the industry.

New Resources Added Regularly

Each month new resources are added to the EERC to keep engineers up-to-date with the latest information available.

Key Topics

The resources in the EERC provide insights and information on important and fundamental topics across the electrical engineering disciplines.

Monthly Updates

Regular visitors to the EERC can opt to receive our TechConnect eNewsletter for monthly updates and previews to current and featured technical resources.

"In Compliance is relavent, reliable, available, free, and helpful to all the entire compliance community. I am able to keep up to date without having to do all the research as you have done that for me."

Resource Types

All content featured in the EERC should be technical in nature and contains evidence-based information with the goal of helping to solve or understand challenges in the workplace. A few of the resource types that perform well with our audience are:

Case Studies
Guides and Overviews

Content Marketing in the EERC

The EERC is a content marketing and lead generation tool designed for thought leaders and industry experts to build brand awareness and establish trustworthy relationships by creating value through exchange of meaningful educational content.

When you become a member of the EERC, you will have access to hosting your technical resource in the EERC. We distribute and amplify your content. When a reader opts to engage with resource they will be prompted to enter their professional credentials in exchange for downloading your technical content. In return, you can further nurture these contacts to continue providing value and encourage interests and customer loyalty.

How it Works

Membership Details

By participating in the EERC, your content will get the exposure it deserves with a comprehensive promotion and distribution of your resource on and through additional push marketing efforts in our TechConnect eNewsletter and promotion in the pages of In Compliance Magazine.

Readers are presented with a chance to download the full resource if interested in the subject. To validate professional interest in this content, users are asked to provide contact information that is consensually shared with sponsors.

Membership is available quarterly or annually.

Resource Page

A dedicated landing page to your resource will feature a full description, an enticing list of benefits to download, and a strong call to action. The download form will collect professional contact information as validation and in exchange for access to your resource.

On the Website

For optimal exposure, your resource will be featured on the homepage of and featured, in random rotation, in the right hand side rail across all run of site pages.

In the Magazine

During your campaign, your resource will be featured on the pages of In Compliance Magazine to build awareness of your thought leadership to over 17,000 readers monthly.

TechConnect eNewsletter

To further amplify your content, each month your resource will be included in the TechConnect eNewsletter that is sent to over 5,000 contacts alerting him or her to new and current resources available in the EERC.

Program Add-Ons

Lead Qualification

Need help pre-qualifying your new contacts? Boost your resource promotion with the enhancement of custom form fields that will identify purchase intent and timeline for specific equipment, as featured in your resource.