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In Compliance Magazine is the only monthly publication to provide coverage of design, testing, and compliance news, information, and insights for electrical/electronics engineers.

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Our readers traditionally favor a print delivery of their magazine but we offer a fully integrated experience to cover all audience preferences and increase accessibility to readers world-wide.

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We've gathered some of the greatest minds in engineering for compliance to work with our editorial and content teams ensure that each contribution is well-written and presents substantive information.

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Our content is geared towards a niche engineering audience, as such the advertising is highly relevant to the needs of a reader. 79% of readers take action in response to ads seen in the pages of In Compliance Magazine.

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Editorial Calendar

Published in January

Practical EMC

Reserve by: NOVEMBER 18, 2022
Published in February

Power Electronics

Reserve by: DECEMBER 16, 2022
Published in March

Annual Reference Guide

Reserve by: JANUARY 13, 2023
Published in April

Pre-Compliance EMC

Reserve by: FEBRUARY 10, 2023
Published in May

Product Safety Compliance

Reserve by: MARCH 17, 2023
Published in June

Military, Aeronautics, and Space

Reserve by: APRIL 14, 2023
Published in July

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Reserve by: MAY 12, 2023
Published in August

EM Interference Control

Reserve by: JUNE 16, 2023
Published in September

Shielding and Protection

Reserve by: JULY 14, 2023
Published in October

Emerging Wireless Technologies

Reserve by: AUGUST 18, 2023
Published in November

Communications and Connectivity

Reserve by: SEPTEMBER 15, 2023
Published in December

Testing and Measurement

Reserve by: OCTOBER 13, 2023

Special Issues

Annual Reference Guide

Published in March

A collection of top reference articles, this unique issue boasts a complete Buyer’s Guide packed with essential product and supplier information.

Product Resource Guide

Published in October

A comprehensive source of insights and information on how to operate and evaluate electrical/ electronics engineering products to help engineers make informed purchase decisions.

Test Lab Handbook

Published in December

A unique opportunity to feature your testing organization or consultancy and share your greatest value proposition, tips for a successful test lab experience, and customer testimony to further solidify your messaging.

Special Opportunities

Issues and Answers

A new, special feature to our monthly issues offers a distinctive advertorial approach. Serving to educate and inform readers about current industry challenges and solutions, organizations will have the opportunity to showcase industry expertise. Have leading members within your company address key topics in this unique interview format with an In Compliance editor.

Digital Edition Sponsorship

Capture the attention of a digitally inclined audience by sponsoring a monthly digital edition of In Compliance Magazine. The digital edition is delivered via our email Issue Alert to over 70% of our total subscribers and read by thousands more throughout the year on Digital edition sponsorship includes an exclusive top banner, full page introduction ad, and promotion of your brand in the Issue Alert eNewsletter.

Brand Analysis Study

Your advertisement will be measured across key performance indicators and respondents will be asked to share candid feedback. You will get access to a detailed report containing these priceless insights. Plus, you will be able to benchmark the performance of your ad against other advertising companies. We will even ask respondents if they would like to be contacted by you directly and pass along the contact details to help make a connection.

Custom Impressions

Your company will stand out should you choose to add a special touch with a unique advertising format. Try something new with our custom impressions and leave a lasting impression with readers.

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